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Small wedding & Elopement Photographer for your wildly different wedding experience


adventure couples photographer for the wild at heart

Capturing connection, love, and adventure

Hi, I'm Kim

So many people will try to tell you how you should get married and what a wedding needs to look like.

But I’m here to support your dream day and help you make it happen.

I believe elopements and small weddings give you the chance to break away from obligations and traditions that don’t necessarily serve you. They allow you to plan a day that puts focus back on you and your experience as you commit your lives to one another.

The original concept of eloping involved secreting away and tying the knot without anyone knowing. But eloping has gotten a lot more fun and unique as its evolved over the years...

Eloping is marrying your partner in an intentional way that focuses on your experience over the material aspects of a wedding. It can include family, pets, and loved ones; it gives you the chance to be authentically you.



freedom to do what you want

focused on you and your experience

intentional, meaningful, and FUN