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Elopement, Wedding, & Couples Photographer

I believe in adventure and all forms of love.

I’m Kim, the face behind Peak and Pebble Photography. I live with my wonderful partner, Quinn, in Edmonton, Alberta, and soon to be North Vancouver, BC! Together we love exploring nature and being outdoors as much as we can! Whether it's hiking, climbing, or biking, I want to experience the best sunsets, the tallest summits, and the biggest trees. I love exploring the backcountry and finding those hidden waterfalls and lakes - I'm a sucker for an upper mountain lake. When I’m not busy behind my camera, you can find me on a basketball court reffing my heart out or hanging with my two wily pups, Ellie and Stewart.

I’m wildly privileged to celebrate the joy of falling in love each day through the people I photograph. My style is a combination of posed and journalistic. I strive to capture connection and the little moments that show your love - the small touches, a laugh, a glance...Every session, and every wedding, my goal is to create meaningful images that tell your story in a way that when you look back at them, you feel the emotions you felt that day. My finished photos are rich in colour and have a dreamy quality to them.

I love couples that are excited to explore and plan a day that is just so FUN and TRUE to their love - couples that ditch the traditional and do what they want instead. Whether it's a picnic on a peak, vows mid-climb, or beers over a campfire, their day is true to them.

So, you’re wondering, what next? Get in touch with me and we can chat over coffee (cappuccino for me, please!) to find out how to capture your love story.

I'm available locally, and always ready to travel with you on your next adventure!

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